3D rendering software

Lumion: the fastest 3D rendering software for creating high quality videos.

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  • Lumion 3D rendering software, build scenes and render your models faster then ever
  • Example videos of Lumion 3D rendering software in use
  • Render your 3D models into videos in 3 easy steps

3D rendering software

Lumion 3D is a easy to use 3D rendering software with advanced 3D technology doing all the work for you. There are no faster and easier way to render your models into movies than Lumion. Got short deadlines, then Lumion is the best way to complete the job. Some of our customers claim they can deliver 300% more renderings than before  with Lumion 3D rendering software.

Further down is an example how to import a Sketchup model into Lumion, build a scene and render it in easy steps.

Render gigantic cityscapes with Lumion 3D software

Another special thing with the 3D software Lumion, is the ability to render the biggest and most stunning architectural visualizations in just a few hours. One of our AEC professional users says: “I can with Lumion, take 300% more jobs since the visualization and rendering goes so fast…”. Bruce McIsak
If you want a new kind of 3D rendering software for architectural visualizations that i easy to learn, renders faster than you can imagine and with features that will enhance any CAD project and architectural scene, then Lumion 3D software is something to try out. The free demo is made to demonstrate what you can do. Buy Lumion 3D software when you are convinced of what Lumion can do for you.

This live video proves how rendering Revit into videos is done in minutes: 

Changing the architectural visualization industry

Render 3D models in 3 easy steps

  1. Import the Collada file (.dae) to Lumion. We also offer a Collada Exporter to use for free.
  2. Set up your scene, add materials and texture. Upload your own texture if you prefer.  Enhance lightning and environment.
  3. Chose your preferred camera angles, choose movie effects, zooming, speed and Lumion automatically makes a movie. Render high quality movies in just a few hours.

Visualize your 3D models with Lumion

Present your designs with Lumion, add foliage, environment and people in minutes. Render the perfect movie with the fastest 3D rendering software: Lumion 3D.

3D software terminology

For the purpose of non-experienced people in the 3D software business, here is a description translated from wikipedia to easier words:
3D software means a 3D computer graphics software which is a program you need to make 3D computer-generated imagery. 3D computer-generated imagery is also called 3D models, and the special thing in 3D softwares is that 3D models can be viewed from a any angle or more angles simultaneously. 3D models can be rotated, animated and manipulated and you can zoom in and out to view your 3D model in a way that enhances the features of it. 3D softwares generates added value to items and projects with the pre-view opportunities and is a great way to make an idea tangible.
Lumion makes 3D visualization easier to master, and renders the 3D models and scenes lightning fast into videos or still pictures. Meaning, Lumion is a great tool as architect software, real-estate broker tool, interior designer software, home planning software, urban planning software, archeology software and and any other field of work that improves the process to get a finished building, art or architecture.