Lightning fast 3D rendering software

Easily turn your 3D models into impressive videos and images

Breathe life into your architectural designs with Lumion. Add trees, clouds, artistic effects, people and materials. Convert your CAD 3D model into an amazing 3D image or 3D flythrough movie, so you can share, sell and inspire.

Ease of use combined with ultra fast rendering and excellent quality is what makes Lumion the ideal solution for your rendering projects.

Top 5 reasons my people use Lumion for their 3D rendering.

1. You can do it yourself!

Lumion enables anyone to create movies and images without any prior training. It’s a functional tool to make beautiful 3D Rendering yourself. You don’t need to outsource visualizations any longer. This saves you time and money. All you need is a 3D model and Lumion will take care of the rest. With Lumion you get years of experience of computer graphics experts presented in a way that’s easy to access. Lumion is compatible with all 3D design software programs, such as Revit, SketchUp and ArchiCAD.

2. Very fast results

With Lumion 3D animation software you can edit your work in real-time. Everything is designed to save you time. This means you can set up a visualization in just a few minutes and make fast alterations as you go. End results are rendered using GPU rendering technology. This ensures that your movies render in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. With the 3D rendering speed of Lumion you don’t need a render farm.

3. Big object and foliage library

Rendering is just one of the things necessary to create effective visualizations. To create wonderful visuals you also need beautiful skies, water, grass, materials, plants, people, trees and many other objects. Lumion includes a huge content library with tools, materials and artistic effects. Everything is perfectly integrated so you can immediately add trees, people and other content to breathe life, lighting and atmosphere into your visualizations.

4. Do new things with visualization

Traditionally visualization comes with many restrictions. Rendering takes a long time and software is almost always complex. Lumion completely turns this upside down by providing tools anybody can use. No training in graphics is required. Editing and rendering are almost instantaneous and this opens doors to new ways for your business to use the possibilities that visualization offers. For example, you can customize a video in real-time on the spot or you can add sketch effects to your visualization instantaneously with a click of your mouse, which immediately furnishes your work with a conceptual and artistic feel.

5. Create big visualizations

A lot of software struggles with large models or large areas. The unique technology of Lumion makes it very suitable for things like landscape visualization. Effortlessly, you can edit large areas and add literally tens of thousands of trees, plants or buildings. We get a lot of feedback from our users that Lumion currently is the only software in the world which allows you to effortlessly edit and render such large areas. We’ve even had examples of a whole towns visualized in Lumion!

Lumion perfectly fits in your 3D rendering workflow.

We offer flawless export of your 3D designs, made in all major CAD design software programs to Lumion. For example Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp. For more information about the plugin for your favorite tool, click on the image:

Success Stories of Top Architect Firms

51 of the top 100 architect company’s in the world are now users of Lumion. We interviewed some of them to ask what made Lumion their key asset to a succesful architectural visualization project.

HKS Architects in sketchup rendering about Lumion Interview with VOA Design sketchup rendering about Lumion
Clark Patterson Lee about sketchup rendering visualization with Lumion Bryant Design Studios Design about sketchup rendering with Lumion

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