Export Revit to Collada (.dae) with Lumion

Made for Revit-users to improve rendering and visualization.

Here you will find:

  • Free Revit Collada Exporter
  • Render revit models in 3 easy steps with Lumion
  • Video documentation:  from Revit model to a stunning scene in 10 minutes


Render Revit models in 3 easy steps.

In just a few minutes live presentation: from model to render-ready scene:

  1. Export Revit model to Collada with Lumion free Collada exporter.
  2. Import into Lumion, add complete content of foliage, objects, materials and textures.
  3. Choose camera angles, record and render



Free Revit Collada Exporter

Lumion is the fastest and easiest way to render Revit models. Download the free Revit to Collada exporter
download the free Lumion version and try to import your own model. Make the perfect scene in minutes (see the video above)
and use the fastest rendering software to high quality architectural visualization videos.

This link starts the free download.

Export Revit to Collada. 

If this link does not work, you can find it on the customer area.  You need to be registered to our homepage to be able to log in and download. Its completely free, but we would like to be able to inform everyone that use Collada files, how big an advantage it is to use Lumion.


Here is a compilation video of Revit models and other models rendered in Lumion.

Fastest scene building, easiest software to use with extremely high quality results.