Frequently Asked Questions

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This is the technical FAQ. For the sales and licensing FAQ, click here.

What hardware do I need?

Check out the Lumion specifications page for hardware requirements.

Does Lumion run fast on my graphics card?

You can check the performance of your graphics card here:

Recommended minimum score for simple scenes:
- 1.500 PassMark points

Recommended minimum score for complex scenes
- 2.500 PassMark points or higher

Very complex scenes in Lumion
- Minimum 5,000 PassMark points and 4GB dedicated memory

Also check our performance tips here.

The picture below compares popular graphics cards with respect to Lumion performance:

How do I reduce render times?

Check our performance tips on the Lumion Forum

Why do I get a blue screen, a crash or
error ‘NOT THE SAME’ when I start Lumion?

Please check if your graphics card meets the minimum requirements.
If it doesn’t, please use a PC with a graphics card that meets the minimum requirements.

If it has got enough PassMark points, and Lumion still crashes when you try to load a scene, please follow these instructions:

Please check the specifications of your laptop to find out if your laptop uses power-saving Optimus technology, ie, 2 graphics cards: a fast Nvidia card for 3D applications and a slow Intel card for word processing, web browsing etc.

The laptop will try to use the Intel HD card for Lumion by default, but this will cause a crash/bluescreen. The solution is to specify that Lumion should use the fast Nvidia card via the Nvidia control panel:
Click here for more info

How do I import my models?

Lumion supports most common CAD and BIM authoring tools. Supported file formats are:

    • Collada (.DAE)
    • Sketchup(.SKP)
    • Autodesk® (.FBX)
    • Autodesk® (.DWG)
    • Autodesk® (.DXF)
    • 3DS Max® (.MAX)
    • 3DS Max® (.3DS)
    • Wavefront (.OBJ)

For more information about import/export click on one of the pictures below:

For questions, more tips and tutorials you can go to the import / export section of our support forum.

Does Lumion import animated characters?

It is not possible to import vertex animations or bone animations in Lumion. It is however possible to import move/rotation/scale animations via DAE and FBX format.

Upcoming versions of Lumion will not support vertex animations or bone animations

What models are in the Lumion Model Library?

Click here to see which models are included in Lumion Pro 3.
Click here to see which models are included in Lumion 3.

Why do I get an ‘Your internet connection is not working’ or ‘General connection failure’ message when starting Lumion?

Lumion requires HTTP (port 80) access to these servers:
Check with your system administrator if access is allowed.

Please click on the following link:
Does it say “LOGINFAILED”?

If not, it means that there is something wrong with the internet connection on your PC.

Other possible problems

Firewall and security software
Please double-check that your Windows firewall (and any other 3rd party firewalls or internet security software) are not blocking Lumion.

HTTP Access (port 80)
Also, your router should be allowed to access port 80 (HTTP) when activating Lumion. Contact your system administrator about the router configuration.

Windows security
Be sure that Windows allows Lumion to access the internet over HTTP. Check your security and user account privileges with your system administrator.

Windows host file
You might want to check that you’re not blocking internet access for Lumion in the Windows hosts file (right-click on this file and open it in Notepad):


Internet Explorer Settings
This problem occurs on some windows installations, most probably after a Windows Update.
You can fix this by doing the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Internet options (in the menu that appears)
  • Reset Internet Explorer Settings -> Reset…
  • Restart Lumion

Why does Lumion need an internet connection?

Lumion needs internet access over HTTP to our license server. It connects upon start-up and exit to respectively allocate and release a license. This system offers a user-friendly and fully automatic floating license system to both large and small companies.
For more information about the licensing system, see also the sales and licensing FAQ

We offer no other license management solutions.

Is Lumion available on Mac?

Lumion only runs on a Windows operating system. This means you cannot run Lumion in OSX. You can install Windows on your Mac to run Lumion. To install Lumion on your Mac you first need to install Bootcamp.

Note that using Lumion on Mac machines is beyond official support. Act-3D gives no waranties and cannot be held responsible or liable for any unsuspected behavior of Lumion on Mac machines.

Upcoming versions of Lumion will not be available on Mac

Does Lumion support 3DConnection input devices?

Lumion does not officially support 3Dconnexion input devices. Some customers have had limited success with certain devices and drivers but we cannot guarantee that all devices will work. Please search for ’3dconnexion’ in the Lumion forum to read about other users’ experiences.
Upcoming versions of Lumion will not officially support 3DConnection devices

Where are my Lumion scenes and models saved?

Your Lumion scenes and imported models are saved in these folders:
Documents/Lumion 5/Scenes: All scenes saved in Lumion 5 (2 files per scene)
Documents/Lumion 5/Library: Models imported in Lumion 5 (up to 4 files per model)
The Documents/Lumion 5/ folder is on the C: drive by default.

If you would like to move the Documents/Lumion 5/ folder to a different location, please follow these instructions on the Microsoft website:

As with any other important data on your harddrive, we recommend regular backups of the Documents/Lumion 5/ folder.

How do I load a Lumion scene on another PC?

If you need to load a Lumion scene on another PC, you need to copy the Documents/Lumion 5/ folder to that PC. Remember to restart Lumion after copying the folders.

Alternatively, if you have Lumion Pro, you can also export the scene as an LS5 file which includes imported models. This makes it easier to move scenes between PCs.

How do I load a Lumion 4 scene in Lumion 5?

If you need to load a Lumion 4 scene in Lumion 5, you need to copy the Scenes & Library folders in Documents/Lumion 4/ folder to Documents/Lumion 5/. Remember to restart Lumion after copying the folders.

Alternatively, if you have Lumion Pro, you can also export a Lumion 4 scene as an LS4 file which includes imported models. The LS4 file can then be imported in Lumion 5.

WARNING: Lumion is not backwards compatible, so if you save a scene or an imported model in Lumion 5 you can’t load them in Lumion 1, 2,3 and 4.

How do I lock my models so that they don’t move when I modify the terrain?

Select models -> Context menu -> Transformation -> Lock Position -> On

How do I import animations?

It is possible to import move/rotate/scale animations from some 3rd party modelling 3D applications, e.g. 3DS Max and Maya. The frame rate has to be set to 25 frames per second and the preferred export format is FBX file. Collada format (DAE) also works but the interpolation between keyframes will be linear.

It is not possible to import vertex animations, morph animations or bone animations in Lumion.

Is there a list with tips, tricks and all the editor shortcuts?

Yes, Click here.

I get an error when downloading Lumion with the download manager

If the download manager does not start downloading Lumion or you get an error message, please check the following:

  • Double check if the download manager has write access to the directory it uses. (A good place to run the download manager is for instance the Desktop.)
  • Use a local directory to download it (not a network drive) and make sure you have administrator privileges if you run the download.(explicitely run as administrator by right-clicking -> Run as Administrator)
  • Make also sure that Windows allows the download manager to access the internet and no anti-virus or security software is blocking the download.
  • Make sure you have at least 10Gb free disk space on the drive you use to download Lumion.
  • If the setup does not automatically start after downloading, you can click and run the setup.exe file yourself. Run as administrator (right click -> Run as Administrator).

Go to the lumion forum for further assistance.

My question is not in this FAQ, what should I do now?

Go to the Lumion Forum. Our professional support staff is there to answer virtually any question about Lumion.

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