Real-time visualization

Lumion 3D is real-time visualization software.

Here you find info about:

  • Real-time visualization with Lumion, explore scenes and models in the most realistic way
  • Example videos of real-time visualization
  • Real-time visualization terminology explanations

Real-time visualization

Lumion gives the best idea of how the finished product will look like, from sketch to 3D model and rendered visualization long time ahead of any other 3D software. Complete shorter deadlines, use Lumion for real-time visualization.

Real-time 3D visualizations for architects and real-estate brokers will add value to the project they are trying to sell, since it will feel more tangible to see the project in its natural surroundings, day, night and any season.

This video show real-time visualization the Lumion way:

Real-time visualization terminology

Real-time visualization with Lumion is a movie that presents architectural environment from different angles, you are in control. Lumion allows you to experience the scene as if you were there yourself, a walk-through into a scene that is not yet physically built, or re-live the ancient buildings of Rome with its environment.

Lumion visualize in real-time with real-looking water and animations and offers a huge library of foliage and 3D object to make a perfect scene. The perfect scene is rendered into a video in a few hours and adds lots of value and tangibility to your 3D models and projects.

Add any architecture, complete range of textures and 3D objects to make your architectural scene come alive, make a valuable real-time visualization that will be remembered and explored with pleasure with Lumion 3D, the architectural visualization software.

Real-time visualization with Lumion is faster, easier with thousands of 3D objects ready to make your 3D architectural visualization scene-

Real-time visualization with Lumion is faster and easier with huge content of foliage and thousands of 3D objects ready to make your 3D architectural visualization scene come to life.