The worlds fastest
Video rendering software
Dedicated to architecture

With the Lumion software, you become a visualization professional even the first time you open the program. Your customers deserve project visualization, spend one hour to make a walk-through movie in Lumion:

  • No user manual required
  • Easy workflow from from Revit®, Sketchup® and most other software
  • Render walk-through videos in hours, not weeks
  • GPU rendering - 3D graphics card rendering
  • 2300+ high-quality models and materials included
  • Be faster and increase your business

Shorter Render Time
Deadlines and work hours. Customers are willing to pay for time if it produces what they order within the set time frame. Lumion is the fastest video rendering software in the world dedicated to architecture. Create exciting walk-through videos in a few hours.

Visualization and rendering

You do not have time to setup visualization or render walk-through videos, you do not have time/motivation to learn new softwares. With Lumion, you can visualize your project in minutes and it is intuitive and self explaining, so you will get results even the first time you use it.

Get good results in minutes even the first time!

Output examples
On the right you can see projects made by people already using Lumion.The most popular format is MP4 because it is viewable on most computers and it is also the preferred format for online video services like Youtube and Vimeo.In this case we used standard video editing software to add the text and stitch several movies into one single movie.

How it works
1. We make it easy to export your Revit, Sketchup or other designs to Lumion.
2. In minutes you will be adding people, cars, trees and materials. Even if you never used Lumion before.
3. Lumion Quickly saves an MP4 movie file or pictures in various formats.
This is great. What do I do now?
“I am getting work like never before and can produce 300% more visualization in Lumion® in the same time”- Bruce McIsaac
Architectural visualization professional
“Simplicity, speed, amazing end results. It kind of makes me annoyed that all the time I wasted on geek software just took away years of time”- Simon Jones
Architectural visualization professional
“Lumion has opened a whole new world to us now that we can make walkthrough animations based on our Revit® designs. I no longer have to use 3DS Max® as an intermediate tool (…) and Lumion has dramatically enhanced our presentations, leading to even more work”- Chase Percer
Architect and Revit® user

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