Lumion is about capturing the essence of emotions that you sometimes can't really get in a drawing.

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"It is really about the creativity of the architect being expressed in a way so other people can understand it."

Scott Erdy - Principal at Erdy McHenry Architecture


Before Lumion rendering used to be really hard. Setting up and completing a render used to take days.

With Lumion you can do it in hours. You can even make last minute changes before a meeting and update your renders in minutes.


Anyone can sit down with Lumion and within 15 minutes learn how to create videos, images and 360 panoramas.

See what architects like you create with Lumion.



Powerful Creative New Tools

1. You can do it yourself


Lumion enables anyone to create videos and images without any prior training.


4. Do new things with visualization


Customize a video  on the spot with the client or quickly create multiple variations.


2. Very fast results



You can edit your work in real-time and rendering is extremely fast.


5. Big visualizations



Effortlessly, you can edit large areas and add  tens of thousands of trees, people or buildings.

3. Visualizations look beautiful


Breathe life into your videos with materials, trees, people and effects.


The top 5 things people love about Lumion

A good story about Lumion

“It was very interesting how we discovered Lumion in our London office."


"We were executing construction documentation on a project using Revit and we had a very important meeting in Abu Dhabi with a member of the royal family. We were extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to present a pack of construction documents to this very senior person. And so we found out about Lumion from a colleague in our Singapore office, who had been using it for a while.


What we were able to do is to is take our Revit working drawings and feed them into Lumion and get a very very graphic and user friendly model from the construction pack that was then graphically and easily understandable by our very important client. Instead of taking CAD drawings and printing them out and sticking them up on the wall, we made a movie of the project and projected it on a huge screen. He came in. The exhibition room was the size of an aircraft hangar. So we got the biggest screen we could find and projected it. He uncrossed his arms, smiled and left again."

John Goldwyn

Vice President at the London Office of WATG


What architects have to say about Lumion


People all over the world use Lumion as their solution for quick, easy and impressive visuals.  We interviewed several architects and asked them how they use Lumion.


The workflow of Lumion


Lumion works wonders by enabling you to iteratively improve your model over time. Even after you've imported your model and built your Lumion scene, you can quickly update your model and import the changes into Lumion with a single mouse-click.


Export plug-ins are available for Archicad and Revit

Direct export of Sketchup (.skp) files

Many file types including .DAE, .FBX, .SKP and .DWG files can be imported into Lumion from many CAD software packages

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360 Panoramas and VR


Render to MyLumion and you can take a tablet to the client and show an interactive presentation. You can also provide quick updates to clients by sending them a link through email.


  • The client can look around from multiple predefined points
  • The links works on phones, tablets and PC and Mac.



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